Bowled over: Cereal bar opens for business in Tel Aviv

Breakfast-in-a-bowl might have considered much longer to succeed in His home country of israel than culinary movements normally do, but this week, the particular country's first food tavern has opened for business in Tel Aviv.

풀사롱 업소 have become an intercontinental click in recent yrs, serving the cherished morning meal basic in a number of methods: in some sort of bowl with whole milk, or perhaps mixed with ice cream or yogurt. In inclusion to being tasty plus toothsome, one of the advantages of food is definitely that it is as well photogenic, and thus these spots attract folletín social multimedia snappers.

Lulu&Co., located in 37 Rothschild Blvd. a stone's get rid of from another local hotspot for foodies with a hankering to get sweets, Lior Koka's boutique cafè, started support with Monday. The food selection comes with a number of recipes based upon high quality raw substances, alongside the familiar boxed cereal possibilities.

Video: Moshe Bill Simhon

The eatery imported the special device through New York the fact that mixes food with German ice cream. It also has hand made ice cream/cereal bars, in flavors for instance cornflakes with milk, Cheerios, and even the Israeli versions connected with Cinnamon Toast Crunch plus sweet shredded wheat.

Considerably more health-conscious customers can get low-fat frozen yogurt provided with Fitness fruit-and-flakes.

Lulu & Co., 37 Rothschild Blvd.

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12 2 a. m., Feb 5th from 10 a. n. to the start involving Shabbat. Open Saturday days starting an hour after Shabbat.

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